Adopt a Tree Airdrop

Why should you adopt a Tree?

Planting is a great way to help sequester carbon emissions. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. By ensuring that the trees planted are native broad leaf species you can help to preserve the UK's environment and biodiversity.

How to get Airdrop?

Step 1: If you have not already done so, Download KNOLIX Wallet
Step 2: Like, Share and Comment with your KNOLIX address to recive Airdrop
( include what you think about tree adoption project )

Step 3: Like our Fanpage and Invite your friends

After compliting steps you will recive your reward in max 7 days.

To have priority when Tree adoption plan starts stake the airdropped coins in your wallet

Until Adopt a Tree program starts you can check our partner program: