type: POW-POS 
genesis_time: 1970.01.01 00:00
block_count: 1,191,464
block_interval: 64873
calc_block_interval: 1346 seconds
moneysupply: 0 OZC


exchange: explorer: deamons: 0 :
About: Ozziecoin uses a modified version of the bitcoin and darkcoin protocol. The protocol was selected for energy efficiency reasons. Internal testing indicated energy savings of between 30-50% compared to the litecoin algorithm. The bitcoin hashing algorithm was avoided due to the perceived centralisation of bitcoin transaction processing in large data centres. The technology involved has evolved into specialised integrated circuits that only deep pocket investors are able to invest and reap large profits. The tendency towards centralisation is viewed as a potential weakness. Should governments try to control bitcoin, it would be relatively easy to direct a small number of data centres to operate an approved version of the bitcoin protocol. Enforcing protocol change across a highly decentralised network of computers would be more difficult.