type: POW 
genesis_time: 2014.02.06 09:58
block_count: 983,193
block_interval: 1032
calc_block_interval: 247 seconds
moneysupply: 0 LTB
paytxfee: 0.00000000 

price: 0.00000211

ANN: [ANN] exchange: explorer: deamons: 1 :
About: LiteBar is a digital commodity reared out of Litecoin. Similar to Litecoin, LiteBar is a open-source, uses p2p technology in order to function without any central authority, and relies on Scrypt algorithm as Proof of Work (POW). LiteBar can be stored as a precious metal, used like an interest bearing account, or even exchanged as a global currency. Moreover, Litbar was specifically designed to appreciate in value over time.