type: POW-POS 
genesis_time: 2018.09.24 09:30
block_count: 946,572
block_interval: 290
calc_block_interval: 73 seconds
moneysupply: 0 QNO
relayfee: 0.00010000 


mineable: on algo: quark block_reward: 0.00000000 [+] difficulty: 8464.49513404 roi: vip only pools: [+]


masternode: on masternode_count: 209 masternode_colateral: 5000 coins_locked: 1,045,000 (0%)


staking: on stakeinterest:
price: 0.00000000
ANN: [ANN] exchange: explorer: deamons: 1 :
About: Qyno aims to bring the cryptocurrency world closer to the real world through the use of Qyno Coin, our highly applicable and adoptable digital currency. Qyno Coin (QNO) is embedded with InstantSend and PrivateSend featurues, making QNO transactions instant, anonymous and nearly free to send. With Qyno, businesses finally have a solution for trading assets and goods in a secure, low-cost environment that allows them to reach their financial objectives.