type: POW-POS 
genesis_time: 1970.01.01 00:00
block_count: 3,410,877
block_interval: 148
calc_block_interval: 471 seconds
moneysupply: 0 STO


mineable: on algo: x11 block_reward: 100.00000000 difficulty: 318.96574014 roi: vip only pools: [+]
ANN: [ANN] exchange: explorer: deamons: 0 :
About: Our main goal is to get "Crypto-Lands" people attention over the danger which surrounds us and our environment. Many hundreds and thousand people are involved in Alternate Cryptocurrencies nowadays. By creating a strong based movement and organization hopefully we can incite at least a few users to pay a little more attention on how we are living and how we are going to leave our planet for our successors. To raise public awareness of our movement and organization we would like to follow a consciously planed RoadMap, which will be continuously developed and complemented with users ideas. We would like to give the opportunity to STO user-base to modify and influence the roadmap which will be followed by STO Movement. After the release of STO, we would like to start to develop the whole environment for our project. Registrating a Non-Profit organization will form the base of STOMovement which will be a strong base for the Movement.