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About: BitZyon (ZYON) is a decentralized cryptocurrency aimed mainly at meeting economic and financial concerns, enabling the generation of income, and use in the business world, such as e-commerce. BitZyon is a hybrid consensus currency Proof of Stake - PoS (Staking) and Proof of Work - PoW, which has a low maximum offer. Ensuring the currency's focus on rewarding those who protect the network. Just leave the BitZyon coin wallet open and accumulate rewards or mine. Once verified that a BitZyon holder has met the betting block reward requirements, they will receive additional BitZyon as a reward. BitZyon is giving voice to purchasing power, empowering it with tools and knowledge that will be forever immutable and will bear witness to our greatness. Purchasing power will be respected, earned and valued using this blockchain BitZyon currency is a decentralized currency, as it is executed in several Staking and / or PoW mining portfolios, maintained by BitZyon owners globally. Currency uses can be worked on by